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Student Assistant

New England Roundtable Student Assistant at Annual CSCMP Conference

Li Yan Selected As Student Assistant at CSCMP Annual Conference

We are pleased to select Li Yan as the New England Roundtable representative to serve as a Student Assistant at the 2011 Annual CSCMP conference. Li Yan is a brilliant, mature, and outgoing student at Northeastern University.  She is a junior with dual concentrations in Supply Chain Management and Finance with a minor in Psychology.  Li has built a diverse skill set and global vision through the co-op programs offered by Northeastern University and summer internships. She is an A-student with great leadership potential.  She interacts well with other students in class and assumes leadership role in team projects.  She currently is working on a supply chain focused co-op at a major company and has had experience with various industries including Oil Gas & Chemicals, engineering, security solutions and electronics in both North America and the Asia Pacific region. Li’s experience in the supply chain field ranges from enterprise material sourcing to integrated global logistics planning. Li was born and raised in Shanghai, China and will be graduating in May 2012. Congratulations to her, as we are sure she will represent N.E.R.T. in outstanding character.

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