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New England Students Awarded 4 Scholarships in 2011

In April 2011, four $1000 scholarships were awarded to students at New England Roundtable (NERT) partner universities. By providing recognition and support to students, NERT hopes to foster an interest in a career in supply chain management and to enhance their professional development. With this scholarship program, the Education Committee of NERT works with the following professors at area colleges and universities to recognize students interested in supply chain management that excel academically and in extracurricular activities.

School                                       Professor                              Scholarship Winner

Massachusetts Institute        Dr. Jarrod Goentzel                Erin Mulvey of Technology

Northeastern University         Dr. Nyaga Gilbert                    Lauren Folk

Maine Maritime Academy       Dr. William DeWitt                  Shelby Faux

University of Rhode Island     Dr. Douglas Hales                Ryan Spencer

These four young people are already very accomplished; read about these future leaders of Supply Chain Management:

Erin Mulvey – MIT

Erin obtained a 5.0 GPA (highest possible) last fall including an A+ in the foundational course on logistics systems. This spring she is taking a much higher course load in order to obtain an MIT Certificate in Sustainability as an add-on to her master’s degree. Her thesis work is also contributing to sustainability efforts at MIT by proposing a more effective supply chain for office product delivery across campus. Erin came to MIT with a strong background in finance and a successful stint on Wall Street and is a good addition to the supply chain professional community

Lauren Folk – Northeastern University

Lauren is a junior and one of the best students in the supply chain program.  She easily outshines other students as a brilliant, disciplined, and engaging student with great enthusiasm and knowledge of supply chain management.  She did a supply chain co-op (internship) in a brand name company that recruits top students at Northeastern for co-ops.  She has great initiative, leadership, maturity, and attention to detail.  She has a pleasant demeanor and her enthusiasm in class discussions is contagious.  Lauren is a Supply Chain Management major and has great potential to be an industry leader.

Shelby Faux – Maine Maritime Academy

Shelby is a junior in the International Business and Logistics Program (IBL) at Maine Maritime Academy.  She has an overall GPA of 3.88 and a GPA in her major of 3.97.  In addition to class work, she has also served in two executive roles and on the competition team for the Student In Free Enterprise (SIFE) Team.  Shelby spent last summer working in logistics for Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, ME, and is a student writer for the MMA magazine.  She is one of the top students this MMA program has had in the last 15 years and will be a strong contributor to the logistics and supply chain profession.

Ryan Spencer – University of Rhode Island

Ryan is in the top 5% of his class, scoring almost all ‘A’s in his major courses. In addition to his coursework, Ryan is a natural leader. He routinely volunteers for additional responsibility for the Supply Chain Program. He manages the Supply Chain Management Club, where he develops and delivers content not available in a normal classroom setting. He works almost all of the recruiting events, and is an excellent example for other students to follow. His professors as well and classmates rate Ryan as the best overall balanced student in the program. He is an excellent scholar and leader.

Congratulations to each of these students! The New England Roundtable wishes them well as they pursue their careers in Supply Chain Management.

If you would like to know more about these programs, contact Francois Charvet, Education Committee Chair, New England Roundtable at

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