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CSCMP Connection

The New England Roundtable is the local expression of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP). Formed in 1972, it is one of over 80 similar roundtables of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals around the world.

CSCMP is an organization of professionals who are interested in improving their supply chain management skills. It is primarily interested in furthering the understanding and development of supply chain management concepts and practices. It does this by providing a continuing program of formal activities, research and informal discussions designed to develop the theory and understanding of the supply chain management process, promote the art and science of managing supply chain systems, and foster professional dialogue and development about the profession.

CSCMP operates on a not-for-profit, self-supporting basis, with emphasis on quality, and in a cooperative manner with other organizations and institutions. We are an open organization, which seeks to involve individuals representing a wide variety of ethnic, geographic, experiential, and thought-process backgrounds in its programs and activities, thereby assuring that the organization benefits from and develops the diversity of its members. Our goal is an enthusiastic membership that communicates with one another to share knowledge and expertise. We seek members who view their interactions with the CSCMP as a true partnership, which is professionally and personally fulfilling.

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